Aquisition Divestment and Succession Planning

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Your Assets ~ Your Future!

Do you have a sound process to handover your business to the next generation?

Why succession planning matters and what you should know?

Succession planning is a process of securing the business long after you have retired. You’ve worked hard to establish what you have and now want to slow down and start enjoying the fruits of your labour. Succession planning it the process of identifying and developing family members or employees who have the potential to fill leadership positions.

Are you looking at new or established business?

What is a business acquisition and how can we help?

In simple terms an acquisition is a strategic action in which a company purchases most, if not all, of the desired target company’s ownership with the intent to take control. In majority of cases the acquisitions is a direct result of careful strategic planning that will enable the company to achieve its growth strategy goals.

Learn more: Acquisition Definition | Investopedia

Is it time to consider selling your business?

How business divestment effects you and how can we play a role to help you?

Divestment is the opposite of an investment, and it is the process of selling off assets for to meet your personal or business needs and assets being divested can come in the form of  a subsidiary, business branch, real estate, equipment and other property.

Why use Horizon Business Advisory Group?

Horizon will assist you in making a smooth transition,  whether into retirement, the handover of your business to family members, divestment of the business or acquisition of a business. We have dedicated professionals trained to help you steer your company to toward your goals.

Horizon will guide you through the journey with:

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